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Speakers 2020

Didier Reynders
European Commissioner for Justice
Keynote: European DPO activities abroad, beyond Brexit and the Schrems II judgement
Cosimo Monda
Maastricht European Centre on Privacy and Cybersecurity (ECPC)
Privacy by design and by default
Wojciech Wiewiórowski
European Data Protection Supervisor
The importance of collective wisdom of DPOs
Dan Cimpean
Romanian National Computer Security Incident Response Team CERT-RO
Data breach incident handling, how to make it right
Anneleen Dammekens
Class action in privacy matters
Alexandra Jaspar
Belgian Data Protection Authority
The Legality principle or which safeguards exists as to the use of citizen’s data by the state
Thibault Verbiest
Partner Yellaw and President IOUR Foundation
Blockchain: a privacy technology?
Mona Caroline Chammas
Attorney & Integrity Director, Govern & Law
Conflict of Interest
Eline Chivot
Centre for Data Innovation
Future of AI with data protection
Frank Robben
Belgian Crossroads Bank for Social Security, eHealth-platform & public ICT-company Smals
Personal data protection in the Belgian public sector
Georges Ataya
Solvay Brussels School
Overview of professions involved in GDPR and the competence mix required for those professions
Ine Van Zeeland
Data Protection On the Ground’ - Personal data protection in the banking sector
Anne Sophie Coppens
DPO assurance vs insurance - roundtable
Jo Pierson
Data Protection On the Ground’ - Personal data protection in the banking sector
Athena Bourka
Security requirements in GDPR - there is no privacy without security

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