The DPO Circle Annual Conference casts a unique mix of highly reputed national and international experts.

Egide Nzabonimana
President ISACA Belgium Chapter
How to show your technical skills and knowledge in PRIVACY solution?
Brian Honan
BH Consulting
Data breach: what to do when, not if it happens
Kai Zenner
European Parliament
European AI Act impact: the case of Belgium
Saskia Monseur
Vice president, Dpo Pro
The evolution of the scope of the DPO role: A code of deontology for DPO's
Isabelle Vereecken
EDPB vision on creating a harmonised and consistent implementation of the GDPR across the EU
Andreea Lisievici
EU data protection law specialist
Privacy issues of smart devices
Ventsislav Karadjov
Chairman of the Bulgarian Data Protection Authority
DPA ever evolving role in supporting data protection and privacy in Europe
Christiane Kirketerp De Viron
European Commission
The new Cyber Resilience Act
Prof. Lokke Moerel
member of the Dutch Cyber Security Council
The challenge: how to marry Europe’s push for ‘Open Data’ with ‘GDPR’ - Let’s see how it can be done
Member of the European Parliament
The new AI Act
Eva Maydell
Member of the European Parliament
Cybersecurity and geopolitics, what role of the new NIS Directive (NIS2)
Kim Wuyts
Privacy Engineering Researcher
Privacy and Threat modelling
Volkmar Lotz
SAP and member of ENISA Ad-Hoc Working Group on Cloud Services
Securing data in the cloud
Olivier Micol
Head of Data protection unit in Dg Justice and consumers
Keynote: European Privacy Landscape
Dr. W Kuan Hon
UK International Data Transfer Expert Council
International data transfers, challenges and solutions
Patrick Soenen
Secretary General at DPOpro
Round table: Presentation of the available resources and forums for cooperation
Christian D’Cunha
Acting Head of Cyber Coordination Task Force, DG Connect
The value of data in the EU’s regulatory framework
Teresa Basile
EMEA Privacy Director, The Estee Lauder Companies
Women @ privacy
Fredrik Forslund
VP Blancco
How to Address Data Throughout Its Lifecycle and Implement Secure End-of-Life Practices
Jan Leonard
Cyber Security Coalition
Round table: Presentation of the available resources and forums for cooperation
Georges Ataya
Solvay Brussels School
Presentation of the DPOC activities and agenda for the remaining conference
Irina Klokova
Knowledge Manager at DPO Circle
Iva Tasheva
Co-founder and Cybersecurity lead at Cyen
Punit Bhatia
Alain De Maght
DPO Circle
Taco Mulder
DPO Circle

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